For your luxury shape
The First Lipolysis Device completing Face Line without Incision

Based on ultrasound cavitation effect for minimally invasive and safer lipolysis surgery.
With the world thinnest 0.9mm probe, this innovative system makes not only finesse and precise face contouring without Incision and Suture within 5minutes but also body and other special applications like six-pack and gynecomastia surgery by selective fragmentation of unwanted adipose tissue.

The Secrets of "첩0.9mm probe"

SMART 1. Optimized for Facial Lipolysis with the World Thinnest 첩0.9mm probe
SMART 2. No Need of Incision and Suture by the minimally invasive way using syringe needle
SMART 3. Safe and very short treatment time to reduce patient's down time

Applications for Face with World Thinnest 첩0.9mm

Merits of Liposound 뀫

SMART 1. Auto Tuning : Fast Auto tuning & Emitting Optimal Power
SMART 2. Optimal Power for Face & optimized high power for Body using Two Handpieces
SMART 3. Not only Face and Body bout also other special applications like six-pack, osmidrosis, gynecomastia and etc.

System Composition

Liposound 뀫 Features